Some of The Highlights Of The



Einer der wenigen echten duofonen (zweistimmigen) Analogsynthesizer der 1970er-Jahre




Introduced in 1974 by the KORG company, known only to insiders at the time, this KORG 800-DV paved the way for classics like the KORG MS-20 or KORG M-1.

The DV stands for Dual Voice, which means 2-voice. At least one voice more than the Minimoog, which was unsurpassed as an overall concept! But also 318 voices less than the GEM Promega 3!

Well, not all orders of magnitude are meaningfully comparable...


Voltage Controlled Filter



The labeling of the Voltage Controlled Filter with TRAVELER is as idiosyncratic as the sliding potentiometers mechanically blocking each other to avoid unwanted cancellations. The layout is exemplary, and the colorful design of the 800-DV awakens joyful memories of times when cars were not exclusively delivered in dark gray, anthracite or olive green.

800-DV and 2-CV, that somehow fits together perfectly...




Demonstration by Retrosound