Some of The Highlights Of The


KORG ????

A Rare Variant of a Famous KORG Synthesizer Modeled Off a Blackboard



In God’s name, what even IS this?

In any case, it’s very large (44 x 23 inches) and thin (3 inches). And very, very rare!

This KORG synthesizer with an extremely short production cycle matches the famous KORG ???? exactly, just in a larger size in order to better understand explanations by professors in synthesizer schools.

After all, they’d hung the whole thing up on the wall!



Minimundus is a world-famous tourist attraction in Klagenfurt near Lake Wörthersee. It features the world’s most famous buildings at a 1:25 scale. And this KORG ???? is ultimately a Maximundus!

Any EBOARDMUSEUM visitors who can tell us the precise type designation of this mysterious analog synth will get reduced admission!
Most Surely…


KORG ????

Red Bull Music Academy, 2018