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Wanted: EKO SENSOR PIANO, Serial 0549. This instrument has NOT BEEN STOLEN !!!

It is really the only keyboard that has ever been sold by Gert Prix. And this crime happened a long time ago in the year 1979.

The fact that its new owner someday "forgot" to pick it up - likely after an indeed sensational performance - tells everything about the sonic quality of an EKO SENSOR PIANO.

So there has to be some kind of revivified emotional affair that causes Mr. Prix to offer a reasonable reward for any clue that leads to a reunion between Gert and Serial 0549!

And here it is :


Eko Sensor Piano


The following instruments were not like the Eko Sensor Piano above sold by mistake, but alas never reached the EBOARDMUSEUM and are still being searched for:

(Click photographs for enlargement!)


Hammond S1


A HAMMOND CHORD ORGAN S and S 1. These two models were the forerunners of the much more popular S4, S6 and S100, which are of course exhibited in several different versions at the EBOARDMUSEUM.

Hohner Clavinet 2



A HOHNER CLAVINET 2, which thanks to roman numerals actually as Clavinet II once gladdened eyes and ears. In the same tasteful design as the Clavinet I the Clavinet II dispensed with the integral speaker. That really would not have been necessary :-)
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