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Regarding the more than 1.700 exhibits in the EBOARDMUSEUM it will always remain a matter of taste to choose particular favourites.

Enthusiasts will pay appreciate tribute to a red FARFISA COMPACT in mint condition while a “Synthimaniac” might associate the name of another organ brand with ham and eggs. And then there are those who drive thousands of miles only to touch a HAMMOND BA PLAYER ORGAN once.

If you are nasty you can call the YAMAHA DX 1 an oversized FM piece of furniturewhile true connoisseurs know that this synthesizer has always been an exclusive privilege of the superstars [Dire Straits, Beach Boys, Deep Purple].

Sorry, a marvellous pun with the RHODES PIANO only works in German language. Otherwise Mr. Harold Rhodes should be called Mr. Harold Redone... Anyway, there will not be many places around where you can compare all these different key actions of Rhodes Pianos side by side. This is most probably unique worldwide!

If you are a member of the "drums'nbass generation" you may come to believe that Keith Emerson is an agent for dairy products. But if you were born in the sixties you surely would prefer to inhale the master's sweat at his ex MOOG RIBBON or that from his HAMMOND or whatever is left of his organ...

All this and much more you will find at the EBOARDMUSEUM.


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